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Our Mission, Vision & History

About Us —

Retail lies at the core of BinDawood Holding

BinDawood Holding (Listed at Tadawul on 21st October 2020 under the symbol of BDH), a retail conglomerate, that focuses on information technology and retail solutions, it capitalizes on investment opportunities, driving long-term growth. Driven by a vision for sustained growth, BinDawood Holding continues to solidify its position as a frontrunner in the retail industry, poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities and deliver exceptional value to stakeholders. BinDawood Holding continues to shape the retail landscape through constant innovation and a steadfast commitment to excellence by operating its business under the brands of BinDawood, Danube, BinDawood Dash, Danube Dash, IACo, and Ykone.

Our Vision -

To stand out as the embodiment of excellence and innovation in diverse sectors, while expanding horizons globally

Pioneering Excellence, Empowering Communities: BinDawood Holding Company is committed to revolutionizing the retail landscape and advancing retail technology with forward-thinking leadership and unwavering innovation. Through embracing various platforms and enhancing our core business practices, we strategically broaden our presence, driven by insights derived from data and sustainable approaches. With prudent asset allocations and cutting-edge IT ventures, we sculpt a future where each engagement epitomizes excellence, fostering enduring impact for future generations.

Our Mission -

Leverage our retail expertise to diversify into new sectors, powered by technology and strategic partnerships, delivering value and earning trust

BDH is dedicated to pioneering innovation and excellence across diverse sectors, guided by our unwavering commitment to sustainable growth. Through vertical integration, strategic investments, and transformative ventures, we strive to enrich lives, empower communities, and shape the future of the retail industry. With a focus on integrity, inclusivity, and adaptability, we aim to create enduring value for our stakeholders while fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

A New Future for Retail in Saudi Arabia

Chairman's Message


Dr. Abdulrazzaq BinDawood


Creating a new future for retail in Saudi Arabia

Throughout the history of the BinDawood Holding, We have worked hard to make possibilities become reality by finding new ways to deliver unique products to our customers and value for our partners.

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One of Saudi Arabia’s premier grocery superstore retail brands, with 25 easy-to-access hypermarkets, supermarkets and express stores across the country. An iconic brand in the Kingdom, the customer experience at BinDawood stores is focused on excellent value for money and outstanding customer service.

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A high-end grocery retail brand, is renowned for its quality and freshness, offering a diverse selection of organic and specialty products to cater to discerning customers. It is one of Saudi Arabia's most esteemed brands in this sector, recognized for its premium offerings and wide range of organic and specialty products.

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BinDawood Dash and Danube Dash

Under its purview, BinDawood and Danube pioneered the express store concept, featuring exclusive outlets at the Haramain High-Speed Railway Station. These outlets showcase premium quality and carefully curated imported goods, offering added convenience for busy shoppers.

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Headquartered in Paris, Ykone is a global leader in influencer marketing services. Offering comprehensive solutions in strategy, talent management, content production, and monitoring, it serves leading brands worldwide, including those in Europe, Asia, the US and MENA region.

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The developer and operator of BinDawood Holding’s Danube and BinDawood e-commerce channels. Furthermore, it is expanding its network of dark stores throughout the Kingdom, aiming not only to ensure prompt delivery and an unwavering 100% fulfillment rate but also to elevate customer satisfaction. In addition, it provides digital support services and implements a loyalty program, equipping BinDawood and Danube with the tools necessary for data-driven decision-making and customer engagement.

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