A history of growth through entrepreneurship

BinDawood Supermarkets

We serve fresh, high quality products to our customers

BinDawood is one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular grocery retail brands. With 24 easy-to-access hypermarkets and supermarkets across Saudi Arabia. We focus on providing excellent value for money and outstanding customer service. We have a strong presence in and around Makkah (where we opened our first store in 1984). This has earned us the nickname ‘the Pilgrim’s Brand’, and many visitors to Saudi Arabia like to pay a visit to BinDawood stores. We are proud to have welcomed locals, expatriates and pilgrims to our stores for over thirty five years, with new and returning customers attracted by our unmatched standards of quality, value, service and convenience. BinDawood has a history of innovation. In 2019, we launched BinDawood online, a digital e-commerce platform.

Our unique offering

Why BinDawood SuperMarkets

BinDawood offers high-quality products from all over the world at very competitive prices for our customers.

Number 1 Grocer Serving the two Holy Cities (Makkah & Al Madinah)
Hand-picked International Products
Superior Service-Oriented Culture
BinDawood Supermarket Branches

BinDawood Store Locator

With 26 locations in the Western and Southern regions of Saudi Arabia, BinDawood supermarkets is the only grocery chain in the immediate vicinity of the two Holy Mosques (Makkah & Medina), hence our nickname, ‘the Pilgrim’s Brand’.

  • BinDawood Al Hamra
  • BinDawood Al Shuola
  • BinDawood Al Sitteen
  • BinDawood Al Rabwah
  • BinDawood Herra
  • BinDawood Ayaa Mall
  • BinDawood Al-Falah
  • BinDawood Al Shishah
  • BinDawood Al Azizia
  • BinDawood Al Awali
  • BinDawood Al Rusaifah
  • BinDawood Abraj
  • BinDawood Al Kakia
  • BinDawood J-Umar
  • BinDawood Al Shoqiah
  • BinDawood Valley Center
  • BinDawood Bin Jumaah 2
  • BinDawood Qiba Mosque
  • BinDawood Taiba
  • BinDawood Al Anwar
  • BinDawood Al Hijra
  • BinDawood Rotana
  • BinDawood Al Jammat
  • BinDawood Bin Jalal 2
  • BinDawood Bin Jalal 3
BinDawood Online

BinDawood App

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The BinDawood App was launched in Jeddah in 2019 and offers a convenient way for customers to order BinDawood goods and products online for home delivery.

BinDawood Online is growing quickly and our goal is to expand to new cities covered by the service, so that as many customers as possible across Saudi Arabia can benefit from the value and flexibility that it offers.